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The Lost Frontier Handbook: How Good It Is

Unprecedented occurrences, crises, and emergencies are common in life, among them financial crises and natural disasters. Being ready, resilient, and determined are necessary when dealing with challenges or unexpected consequences. But the age of cutting-edge technology is blind to the crucial abilities of our predecessors. The 21st generation is therefore facing the abyss of losing priceless and old talents, including creating potent medicinal cures with plants and hoarding and keeping food without refrigeration, among other crucial skills.

The Lost Frontier Handbook by Suzanne Sherman uncovers a variety of hidden truths about earlier times and how people dealt with emergencies, crises, and disasters. It teaches future generations different strategies for surviving all difficulties. What is the manual’s content?

What Is the Lost Frontier Handbook?

The Lost Frontier Handbook is the ultimate self-sufficiency manual that resurrects lost ancestral skills and wisdom for dealing with crisis situations. According to the inventor, the manual also discloses time-tested life-saving tactics and tricks. Readers will also learn how to prepare various survival tactics and arm themselves with necessary materials during a crisis in order to overcome unnatural circumstances. The booklet contains important lessons on food storage, preservation, and therapeutic treatments.
The notes are further supplemented with high-resolution photographs, meticulously detailed illustrations, and procedural instructions. Customers can view the manual digitally or request a hard copy by shipment.

What Is Include In The Lost Frontier Handbook? 

The user guide, according to its author, enables consumers to weather any sort of emergency. The following are some of the key lessons that readers will find in the handbook:


Powerful Remedies Lost in History
Readers become well-versed with some of the essential home-based remedies by following instructions on how to:

  • Make powerful disinfectants at home- consumers learn how to use a simple substitute for creating antiseptics that are historic lifesavers by following easy instructions.
  • Make highly effective painkillers-one learns how to make painkillers for chronic pain, toothaches, or injuries without addictive substances.
  • Safely address fresh wounds, and burns-consumers find insight into treating burns and wounds at home.
  • Soothe a sore throat- one makes tasty remedies without bitter taste or itchiness.
  • Make frontier penicillin- it’s proven to prevent infection, and it’s prepared using home-based products.
  • In addition, consumers learn how to treat cold sores, warts, fungal infections, arthritis, inflammation, and more.

Creating a Food Stockpile that Doesn’t Spoil
Readers learn how to preserve food without electricity or chemical preservatives. In addition, consumers learn how to:

  • Preserves meat for months through smoking, curing, salting, dehydrating, and more.
  • Consumers learn canning and pickling skills.
  • The creator reveals how one can plant and raise a sustainable garden.
  • Refrigerate food without electricity using 3 techniques, including a root cellar, evaporation, and an 18th-century icehouse.
  • Hunt, tan, and hide wild meat.
  • Consumers also learn how to grow a medicinal garden and acquire organizational hacks to ensure sufficient food supplies during a crisis.

Thriving Through a Depression
The handbook showcases how people would never skip meals despite the hunger crisis. Some of the lessons include:

  • Saving stacks of money monthly for food using easy-feasting tips.
  • Consumers discover seasonal and super tasty wild foods that are edible.
  • Making soda and ginger beer and saving up to $1000 annually on soft drinks.
  • Raising chickens to benefit from nonstop eggs, meat, and garden pest control.
  • Recycling household junk and converting the products into priceless and sellable items.


Exclusive Superfoods Needed for Survival
The Lost Frontier Handbook reveals nutritional recipes ideal during a hunger crisis, including:

  • The 100-year survival ration was used by Native Americans, arctic explorers, and fur trappers during their long trips.
  • Affordable and delicious instant soup that mountain men used.
  • A type of biscuit that never spoils despite any weather.
  • The Viking comfort food was consumed by millions to prevent malnutrition without spoilage.
  • 22 long-lasting foods, including popcorn, soy sauce, and alcohol.


75 Valuable Items That Are Incomparable to Gold During Crisis
The creator of the program reveals objects that may seem worthless but are very crucial during a crisis. A landline phone, copper, coins, a can opener, fly paper, a coffee pot, an old EMP-resistant truck, swing trivet are some of the objects on the list. The creator also complements consumers with the skills to use the objects during a crisis.

Tapping Water Off the Grid
By using readily available material, consumers learn how to make a water filter step-by-step. The technique cuts water utility bills and it incorporates inexpensive, renewable materials for a self-reliant lifestyle. In addition, the filter combats smoke and tear gas particles just like gas masks, and the same trick applies to the approach.

Top Secret on How to Find Land in the US
The creator reveals the secret of self-sufficiency and finding a home. The guide enlightens consumers on the right geographical locations with proximity to cities and other essential amenities. Moreover, the creator claims that 1/5th of an acre can be ideal for providing loved ones with what they need using necessary tricks. Some of the highlighted areas include New York, Alaska, and Colorado, with pros and cons for each location.

Any Bonuses The Lost Frontier Handbook? 

When you buy this guide, you also get 3 bonuses worth $81 For FREE : 

Bonus #1: The 80 Square Feet Medicinal Garden

This bonus is a Claude Davis exclusive. If you don’t know Claude, he has long been THE authority on everything related to the “Old Ways.” And this manual is proof of it. With only 80 square feet of available space, he painstakingly explains how to produce your own medical garden. All the herbs you’ll ever require to run a potent herbal pharmacy. In addition, you get the whole companion planting guide, so you know exactly what and where to plant. Ideal for tiny lawns, patios, or rooftops of apartments. Now you can have your own walk-in natural pharmacy with the same plants the ancestors used to treat a wide range of ailments with just a little room. It’s incredible stuff!

BONUS #2: Surviving an Economic Collapse

The content of this book is filled with advice that REAL people used to survive a major tragedy. Luis, an Argentinean who experienced one of the biggest meltdowns in history, co-wrote it. When a country was ravaged by riots, a fall in the government, inflation of 5,000%, and black market gangsters. 25% of the population is unemployed and faces a shortage of food. Something greater than the Great Depression. That might always occur again. We’ll show you all Luis did to maintain his well-being and the wellness of his 6-year-old daughter as a result. It’s an interesting read, especially at this point in time.

BONUS #3: Homestead Cooking 101


Despite their popularity, it is impossible to create many of these traditional, smokey, rich, and sticky flavors in any other way. However, this information is comprehensive. You’ll find a tonne of off-grid cooking tips and recipes inside, including how to “Carbeque” and utilize a car’s engine to cook food during a blackout. as did British troops during World War 2.


Pros And Cons The Lost Frontier Handbook? 

Pros of this Program

 All the tips and techniques in this guide are practical and can be used at any time.

Offers readers a hassle-free 60-day money-back guarantee if they are not happy with the information in the book.

Includes both basic and complex ideas for surviving in harsh conditions.

Boasts fast and helpful customer support especially via email in case you get stuck somewhere while reading the book.

Being available in printed and digital versions makes it easy to understand and even implement the techniques.


Cons of This Program

1 – Although the book is available in print and digital format, if you choose the printed format then you will have to incur extra costs for the shipping and handling.

2 – Demands a lot of commitment and effort from the reader in order to master all the techniques in the book.

3 – The guide does not have any audio or video tutorials. Therefore, if you’re more of a visual learner you may have a rough time understanding all the techniques.

Final Verdict

People must be ready in advance because crises and emergencies frequently strike without warning. Natural disasters necessitate mitigation strategies like food storage to live against all odds. Because of this, the author of The Lost Frontier Handbook™ uses ancestors’ methods and skills to empower readers with survival advice. The manual provides instructions on how to create a medicinal garden, food store, grid-connected tap water system, and many other things. On the official website, customers may purchase both print and digital versions. The product also offers a two-month refund period.

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